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For businesses worldwide, there is no better way to get an edge over the other players in the field than to receive valuable information earlier than everyone else. Information, after all, is what most businesses of today capitalize on. It is no longer just about products. But rather, what they represent – the image of your business to the public eye and the impact your products have on the market – all information you can use to improve and strengthen business practices.

One of the most important information resources that businesses rely on is international business news. With today’s advanced technology and global marketplace, there is hardly any event that happens in some remote part of the world that wouldn’t affect your business in one way or another. That’s why, for businesses to survive, they need to stay up to date with the recent international business news.

Below are a few good sites that offer updated and relevant international business news to help your business keep in touch with the globe: International Business News
The Cable News Network is one of the biggest international media corporations that offer news from all over the world, and one of the most recognizable. From conflicts in the Middle East to US politics, Asian stock markets to Wall Street, brings you international business news that is always updated. Global Business
Offering news, insights, special reports, BusinessWeek Online’s Global Business section now offers more choice in international business news. As one of the premier magazines that offer purely business news and financial reports, BusinessWeek Online has expanded its reach by including computers and technology, complete with reviews of the recent techno-gadgets, computers, and multiplayer games. International Business News
Aside from delivering all the latest headlines and top stories in international business news right to your desktop, International Business News also offers the latest in Major Exchange Rates (from MSN Money and IDC Comstock), as well as Overseas Markets (from MSN Money and IDC Comstock). News – Business
Another highly recognizable portal for international news, the British Broadcasting Corporation offers top business stories from the news front. Their international business news not only focus on what is going on in Europe and the US but also in other parts of the world, such as Asia Pacific, the Middle East, South Asia, and Africa. Their Economy section is where you can get the latest international business news on rates and retail effects of major world events, such as the World Cup while their Companies section is where you can get a closer look at what’s going on in one of the major business organizations in the world.

There are, of course, several more places where you can get your daily dose of international business news. The news sites we featured above are among the most popular and might already be in your favorites.

International Business Career

Want to have an international business career? Well, why not? But first, go through this short list of reminders:

* Most positions in international business career are located in the urban areas in the United States. So if you live in the rural areas, you have fewer opportunities available.
* Employment restrictions do exist so you may or you may not be able to obtain positions abroad.
* Expatriates, or American citizens working abroad, often have an advantage over non-expatriates. However, they are only typically employed if they possess certain skills or experience. So this means that having the right skills and experience are still the best guarantee you have to building an international business career.
* One of the best international employers is the Peace Corps, which has its own business-related set of opportunities. In addition, financial institutions, consulting firms, and manufactures also offer strong opportunities for international business careers.
* The fast track to an international business career in most companies is through sales, market research, advertising, or product management.
* As a general rule, your best chance for an international business career is with an American multinational economy.

Now you know the basics in international business career, here is how to prepare for it:
Start while still in school.
There is really no better starting point that when you are still in school and contemplating your career options. Seek out opportunities related to business. Preferable areas that you should focus on include accounting, finance, and marketing. Remember the stark reality: the fast track to an international business career often involves sales, marketing, and advertising. So choosing courses that address these areas in business and finance should help you prepare for a career in international business.

Narrow down your interests.
Once you have settled on an international business career, it is time for you to narrow down your interests. Focus on one particular field of business that offers several potential global opportunities. These may include: accounting, advertising, administrative/management, auditing, banking/finance, communications, computers/data processing, consulting, cultural affairs, and the like.

Obtain related experience.
There are many ways you can gain experience related to business. Through internships, summer jobs, or part-time employment, you will be exposed to current business practices and will gain valuable experience and even contacts as a result.

Try to find internship programs and other opportunities that are directly related to your chosen career goal. For instance, if you want a career in international finance, then work in a bank. You may not be able to intern or work in their international division, but you can still use this opportunity to learn all you can from someone in that office.

Also, you can volunteer to help out in an international division. Or ask someone who may have international experience about the international market.

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