7 Ways To Increase Traffic To Your Internet Marketing Blog

Internet marketing is a process of selling products, particularly digital products, on the internet. To sell those products it is important you use a method that will allow you to get noticed by the search engines quickly and that's where blogs come in.

A blog is a highly effective way of improving your ranking in the search engines, driving traffic to your website or directly to your blog and hopefully converting that traffic into buying customers. However, most people are not using their blog to its full potential and maximizing the benefits that blogging provides.

In this article I will outline some essential tips to help you make blogging more effective and drive more traffic to your internet marketing website and/or blog.
1. Regular blogging. It is essential that you blog on a regular basis to help you drive more traffic to your blog and/or website. Blogging once a day can help you achieve that and if you are serious about succeeding in internet marketing then you will find the time to do that. Not only must you develop this consistency in your blogging but you must always make sure your content is fresh, captivating and provides value to your readers so that they want to return for more. The more you blog the faster you improve your ranking in the search engines. If you are going away or if you do not have the time to blog every day then set up blog posts in advance, set them up to post in the future, all blogs will allow you to do that.
2. Add your blogs into blog directories and blogging social networks. It is important you register your blog with places like Technorati and Mybloglog because it will provide you with an opportunity to get extra traffic. Also add your blog to feedburner so that people can subscribe and automatically get updates. Finally find blog directories and add your blog to them or pay for a service that will do it for you. Doing this will help to spread your blog url around the internet.
3. Use ping services. When you send out a ping message you are letting major search engines know you have just added a new entry to your blog. Most blogs will already have two or three ping services included but you can now get a long list of different services to ping. A good place to start is at pingomatic.
4. Leave comments on other blogs. Although a lot of blogs will have a "no follow" rule now because this method has been abused it is still worth taking place in. You can find high ranking PR blogs and add comments to the blog posts that have been written. When doing this it is essential that you add two or three sentences about what you found good about the post, whether you agree or disagree. What you are looking to do is add more information to it or provide more value. One line replies are deleted from my blogs but I will post comments that have meaning.
5. Keywords are essential for good blog marketing and internet marketing in general. It is essential you know the keywords you want your blog to be found for and also that you use them in your blog posts. Use one word, two, three and four word keywords for variety.
6. Use affiliate programs to make money but don't go too mad! An endless row of small banner ads, some flashing, all different colors is just not attractive and can be off putting. But don't stop at banner ads, you can write reviews of products and then provide your affiliate links. People love social proof and they like to know that someone else has used and recommends a product. Be honest at all times and review products that you have used or are familiar with.
7. Of course you can advertise your own products on a blog if you have them and is the preferred choice. Why accept an affiliate commission when you can collect 100% on your own products. Also consider products that have resale rights and allow you to keep 100% of the profits.
Regular blog posts, including your blog in directories and social bookmarking sites, using keywords and selling affiliate products or your own are just some of the many ways you can bring traffic to your blog.

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