Key Factors Of A Home Based Business

Now it is time to put four distinct factors for success on a weight scale and see how they measure up to you. Now this is not some formal measurement tool (laugh), this is just something I go by before joining any home based business opportunity or affiliate marketing program. When considering any work at home opportunity, using these four important factors will NO DOUBT help increase your chances at being profitable and successful! So pay attention and always remember to research and analyze these four factors for success.

Let's get right to it, the first factor is the product and/or service that the program is offering or selling. This will more than likely be the most important factor of them all, because if it is not in demand, or the product or service does not offer incentive to sell or use, no one in their right mind will spend money to join you. And believe me when I say that there are thousands of home based business opportunities out there that have complete junk products and you will waste tons of money if you do not research before joining and spending. Ask yourself is the product differentiated from other companies, how high is the demand for the service or product, is anyone in that niche or opportunity using the product or service and experiencing great results?
Ok so you have found a business service or product that interests you, next is to look at who is behind the product or service.
The company who is running or managing the home based business opportunity or the creator of the affiliate marketing program is vital to your success. This is an important step and often overlooked and can hurt you in the long run. Back when I first started to work from home, I joined several home business opportunities and did not do my research beforehand and came back to hurt me. Find the answers to some common questions like how bright does their future look? Financially solid and backed? Are they helpful, active, and have a desire and passion about their product or service? Do you feel as though they have good ethics? Are they willing to work with and support their home based business distributors? And something I have learned over the years through various home based business opportunities, is do they have a sense of excitement about their product or service or are they just trying to make money. If you can answer most of the questions above with a good feeling and positive vibe, and are attracted to their product or service, then you are on the right track for finding a good fit and work at home business opportunity!

So we are on the right track to finding a good work from home opportunity product or service and like what we see from the company, now it is time to evaluate their marketing system. Does the affiliate marketing or home based business program have a system in place where I can excel and succeed with? To elaborate, let's say you have the greatest company and greatest product or service in the world, and is an all around great business opportunity, does that mean your guaranteed results and profits? No, of course not, you have to have a marketing system in place that allows you and all of your team members a chance to really hammer into the business and begin promoting and advertising your opportunity.

I have seen this so many times, so many good business opportunities out there, but no marketing system to follow it. This is highly overlooked and underrated and very well could be MORE important than the product or service you are promoting. I want to emphasize this point more than any other on my website that having a home based business system in place will ultimately determine how successful you will be. Having a successful system in place not only helps you, it helps the people you are signing up into your opportunity, it helps reduce the learning curve and time and effort you have to put into each individual who joins you. Having a marketing system in place allows you to quickly plug new work from home seekers into the system and let's them get accustomed to the business effectively and those results can quickly be duplicated which you will learn in time.

I am speaking from my own experience with my home based businesses. For example let's say a year or two down the road you have started to become successful working at home and have hundreds or thousands of members on your team and in your opportunity. This is where it would become nice to plug team member 1 or team member 1,000 into the same system so they too can duplicate the same results you are producing because this will ultimately make you more money and more successful. Because dealing with those many team members, do you have time to take care of them individually? I think we all know the answer to that. By having a great home business system intact, you can easily duplicate results and literally put your business on autopilot! This is what I like to call "drink out of a coconut money". And just to wrap this key factor up, yes this does take a little analysis and research on your part and a little foreshadowing but you thank yourself tenfold down the road.

The last key factor to look for in a work from home business opportunity that will contribute to your online money tree is the compensation plan! The two most important questions you can ask yourself are How do I get paid and Will I get paid accordingly for my efforts! Analyze their compensation plan, do they look like they are giving back to their members? Do they have good incentatives and bonuses for working hard? Do they allow for the new business seekers quick money upfront getting them excited and tuned into the business opportunity?

Just to summarize my four key factors for success with any affiliate marketing program or home based business opportunity, all of these are important and can ultimately determine your success in your online money making adventures. After putting the necessary time and effort into researching and analyzing business opportunities, it is now time to roll the dice and see how they play out. Remember that you are not always going to be successful from day one, and many people fail and lose money but if you stick with it and play your cards right and roll the dice good just once, this industry can be the most lucrative business in the world and literally make more money than professional athletes!

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